PS5 Sales May Exceed 200 Million Units, As Per Japanese Analyst

Sony’s console is predicted to be a massive success by some.

ps5 dualsense

Even when things have gone very wrong for them like with the PS3 (especially in its early years), Sony have managed to enjoy incredible sales for their hardware in the console market. The PS5 looks set to be yet another success story for them, especially coming off of the massively successful PS4, but just how successful will it be in the long term.

According to Japanese analyst firm Rakuten Securities (via Takashi Mochizuki on Twitter), it might just be Sony’s most successful console of all time. In a report published about the PS5, they predict that the console will probably go on to sell above 100 million units (which every PlayStation console with the exception of the PS3 has done), and might even exceed 200 million worldwide sales by the time all is said and done.

The report predicts that the console will sell 12 to 20 million by the time the current fiscal year is over (having raised its prediction from 10 million previously), and that the number might even exceed that if Sony manages to produce enough consoles to meet the demand.

This isn’t the first time we’ve read reports about high estimates for the PS5’s sales. A previous report by DigiTime suggested that the console would hit 120 million shipments in 5 years, and might get to as high as 170 million by the end of its life cycle. Read more on that through here.

The PS5 launches in select regions on November 12, and everywhere else in the world on November 19.

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