PS5 Storage Space Should “Be Fine,” Says Jim Ryan

The PlayStation CEO isn’t stressed about that 664 GB.

PS5 Logo

The PS5 launched in certain regions at the end of last week (and will launch at the end of this week everywhere else), and it seems the general thought is that it’s a pretty solid machine. There’s a lot to like about it, but one thing some still aren’t too hot on is the actual amount of storage it has. If you’re not aware, the system comes with a custom SSD that is 825 GB, with only about 664 GB usable. Considering the ballooning size of games, as well as the continued firmware updates the console will get, we really aren’t looking at too much. However, Jim Ryan isn’t stressing.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the PlayStation CEO was asked about if he was worried about the amount of space of the PS5. He said that he wasn’t, and that they had been monitoring what people have been doing on the system, and he just thinks that the data is telling them that there really isn’t any real issue with what is there and that it should be “fine.”

“We’ll obviously watch what happens as people unbox their PlayStations and start to use them. We think we’ll be okay. We obviously are able to monitor hard drive usage on the PS4 microscopically and everything that we saw there indicates that we should be fine.”

Of course, it’s not as if Ryan is going to bemoan the amount of storage of the system they just launched, but his reasoning seems to echo Microsoft’s about the Xbox Series S, which only has about 364 GB of usable storage. A lot of people only play a few games on a continuous basis, with many only getting an annual sports title or Call of Duty and just delete last year’s entry. So, in that way, I imagine Ryan isn’t wrong. The main issue is for those who play a lot of games and frequently, and well, it seems for now we are kind of stuck with what we got.

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