PS5 Update Adds Notification When Booting Up Cross-Gen Games

Sony have finally added a much requested feature.

ps4 and ps5

Unlike the Xbox Series X/S’ Smart Delivery system, the PS5’s cross-gen compatibility is far less user friendly. For games that are available on both PS4 and PS5, users have often mistakenly (and unknowingly) been playing their PS4 versions, what with the console requiring specific options being set to launch their PS5 versions by default.

Thankfully, Sony have finally added a feature to the PS5 with its newest update that fixes that issue. As noted by Tidux over on Twitter, the new feature notifies you if you’re about to start a game’s PS4 version when booting it up on PS5, and gives you the option to switch to the PS5 version. Given how much confusion there’s been surrounding this issue in particular with cross-gen games on PS5, it’s good that this feature has finally been added.

Additionally, it also seems like users now get the option of which version of the game they want to download. Earlier, both PS4 and PS5 versions’ downloads would be initiated by default.

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