PS5 Video Shows Real-Time Gameplay from Godfall, Devil May Cry 5, Balan Wonderworld, and More

Astro’s Playroom gameplay also shown off.


Japanese media and influencers recently had some solid hands-on time with the PS5, bringing us new images of the console itself, the DualSense controller, and giving impressions on what’s being called a very effective cooling system. At the same time, we’ve also got a pretty solid chunk of gameplay from several titles to look at, all running on a PS5.

Uploaded by YouTuber HikakinGames, the video, which is over 30 minutes long, shows gameplay from Godfall, Astro’s Playroom (both of which are launch titles), Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, and Balan Wonderworld. There’s a substantial amount of gameplay for all four titles, giving us a clearer idea of what they will look like running on a PS5. Something that’s instantly noticeable is how quick the load times see to be. You can watch the whole video below. 

The PS5 is out in some regions of the world on November 12, and everywhere else on November 19. 

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