PS5 Worldwide Shipments Hit 19.3 Million Units


Sony announced in its recent quarterly fiscal report that the PS5 has shipped 19.3 million units worldwide as of March 31, 2022 since launching in November 2020. That’s up from 17.2 million units as of the end of last year, with the console shipping a little over 2 million units in the Q4 (January-March) period.

Meanwhile, the PS4’s worldwide shipment numbers stand at 117.2 million units as of March 31, up from 116.8 million units as of the end of 2021. PS5 shipments are down by 1.3 million from the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year, while PS4 shipments are down by 0.9 million units. The global semiconductor shortage and subsequent supply and stock shortages remain a problem for all hardware on the market.

In total, the PS5 shipped 11.5 million units in FY 2021-22 (up by 3.7 million year-over-year), while the PS4 moved 1 million units (down by 4.7 million year-over-year).

In Q4, collective PS5 and PS4 software sales stood at 70.5 million units (up from 61.4 million units in Q4 of the previous FY), while total software sales for both consoles throughout the entire fiscal year stood at 303.2 million units (down from 338.8 million units the preceding fiscal year).

PlayStation Plus’ subscriber numbers currently stand at 47.4 million, down from 48 million as of the end of December 2021.

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