PS5’s Download Queue Bug Now Has A Fix, Per Sony

Hopefully this will squash this nasty bug.


As of yesterday, Sony has now launched their new console, the PS5, on a worldwide basis. It’s an exciting time with new tech, new games and all kinds of new things to discovery. Unfortunately, just like the launch of most new tech, it hasn’t been without issues. Both Sony and Microsoft have seen reported issues for their new systems. One of the nastier ones for Sony was a bug that would cancel out your download queue, essentially making it impossible to download updates for games. In some cases, you couldn’t even upgrade a PS4 version of a title to its PS5 one for games that supported that. Well, it seems Sony has a fix now.

On the official support PlayStation Twitter, they posted steps to take if you’ve fallen victim to this bug. It’s pretty simple, just make sure you download the latest firmware update and start your PS5 in safe mode then rebuild your database. That should do it. It’s hard to gauge if this solution is working on a widespread basis, but IGN (who was one of the first to report on the bug) says that it’s fixed the issue for those that had it on their staff.

If you’re still suffering from this bug, try this out. Hopefully, it’s a fix for everyone.

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