PS5’s Latest System Update, 20.20-02.30, Is Live Now

Just don’t ask what it does.

PS5 Logo

Despite all that’s going on, it has been something of an exciting year for gaming. Not only have their been a lot of stellar titles released this year, we also got new generation consoles, including Sony’s much anticipated PS5. Unfortunately, like with all console launches, it’s not without some issues on a technical level. Sony is updating the system as time goes, although it isn’t clear how.

The latest system wide update is 20.20-02.30. Like the previous updates, it’s relatively small, clocking in at a modest 868.1 MB. Unfortunately, like the other updates, Sony has not made out a list of what the update is supposed to address specifically. The last update seemed to help with the infamous download queue bug that was preventing people from downloading updates for their games, for instance, but there’s no real patch notes or changelog to speak of.

The PlayStation 5 is available now, though stock is very limited on an international scale. The latest update is now live for all users.

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