PS5’s UI Could See Customization Options Down The Road

Hideaki Nishino hopes to see ways to make things your own.


Next week the PS5 will finally be here, though don’t really go out expecting to find one sitting on a store shelf. Like seriously, don’t go into a store thinking you’re going to just pick up one of these. There’s a lot to be excited about with this generation with a lot of new games coming and new features, including the UI that is looking to be integrated well into the console and, hopefully, with more customization down the road.

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, Hideaki Nishino of Platform Planning and Management spoke on the new UI and said part of it was to help hook players with a lot more activity as well as ways to help player navigate games. You can see a full demo of that through here. It does, however, lack the customization options such as themes that are available on the PS4. While Nishino does not get into specifics, he does say that he hopes in the future those options will come as well as others to help players make the console feel more to their personalities and likes (thanks to Twinfinite for translating and transcribing the talk).

The PlayStation 5 will launch in some regions on November 12th with a full international rollout on the 19th.

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