Psychonauts 2 Guide – All Bosses And How To Defeat Them

Psychonauts 2_06

Psychonauts 2 has its fair share of bosses but they’re thankfully not too difficult to handle. It’s important to acquire more health and upgrade your abilities whenever possible. Otherwise, skills like Psi Blast and Levitation will be your best friends for a number of these fights.

Here are all of the boss battles in the game. Beware of spoilers:

  • Heavy Censor
  • Lady Luctopus
  • Judge
  • Gluttonous Goats
  • Panic Attack (1st Battle)
  • Panic Attack (2nd Battle)
  • Die Brarian
  • Bad Mood
  • Memonstria
  • Maligula

To find out how to beat all of them, check out the video below by Jaba Play on YouTube.

[embedded content]

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