PUBG Sequel Reportedly Is In Development

The title is allegedly in development for PC, consoles and mobile.


While Fortnite has become a pop cultural cornerstone, it wasn’t really the start of the battle royale genre as we know it. While it’s fair to say it popularized it, PUBG is really the first game that hit the mainstream to utilize the concept. While it didn’t get the cultural cache of Epic’s shooter, it did pretty well for itself. It’s even getting a spin-off, sort of, 300 years in its world’s future. Now, though, it seems a sequel of some kind is potentially in the works.

As originally reported by Korean news site MTN, and translated and transcribed by PlayerIGN on Twitter, which you can see below, the publisher is working on some type of follow up to the title. It is said to be for PC, consoles and mobile. There isn’t a lot of information outside that at this point.

It’s unclear what a sequel would look like, if it were to try something different or just be an upgraded and refined version of the game we know, a 2.0 update and refresh as opposed to a full PUBG 2. As of now the current game is available on most major consoles, PC and compatible iOS and Android devices. We’ll keep you updated for when more news comes.

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