Rainbow Six Extraction Officially Announced, New Teaser and Dev Team Revealed

Rainbow Six Extraction

Months of rumors and leaks later, Ubisoft has revealed the official new name for Rainbow Six QuarantineRainbow Six Extraction. A short teaser showcases the alien parasite that is described as “sentient” and “consuming” as it spreads throughout a facility. The world reveal is slated for June 12th, 12 PM PT at Ubisoft Forward.

A separate video discusses the development team which is “led by a senior team of veterans at Ubisoft Montreal and around the world.” Producer Antoine Vimal du Monteil noted that the game has grown “a lot” since the initial announcement. The gameplay involves the tactical shooting of Rainbow Six Siege against an “always evolving” alien threat while the main goal seems to be leaving no one behind.

Previous leaks from the game’s technical alpha hinted at the extraction part. Players would use airlocks to transition between different sections in a zone with the difficulty increased in response. Depending on how much intel was gathered, one could extract or locate more (presumably for better rewards). Stay tuned for more details and official gameplay from the title at Ubisoft Forward.

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