Red Dead Redemption Remake and Red Dead Redemption 2 Current-Gen Upgrade Are in the Works – Rumour

red dead redemption 2

With Red Dead Redemption 2 being the massive critical and commercial success that it is, it would seem natural for Rockstar and Take-Two to bring the game to current-gen platforms with a remaster or a dedicated patch. This was recently suggested by leaker AccountNgt, and now Rockstar Mag’s Chris Klippel has also suggested the same in a recent tweet.

Klippel has also suggested that a full-blown remake of the first Red Dead Redemption is in the works alongside the aforementioned Red Dead Redemption 2 remaster for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. The leaker claims the Red Dead 2 upgrade has been in development since at least late 2020, and its official announcement was pushed back when Rockstar decided to remake the first game as well.

While the remaster of the second game is an easier pill to swallow, it’s rather hard to believe that Rockstar is indeed working on a full-blown remake of the first Red Dead game, given the massive scope of the project- though interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’re getting rumours of a remaster/remake of the original Red Dead Redemption. That said, Take-Two’s latest earnings reports have revealed that it plans to release 8 remakes/remasters before 2025, so there’s that something to consider as well.

However, it’s still best to keep expectations in check until the developer or the publisher comes out with an official announcement on the matter.

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