Redfall – Complete Achievements Guide


For all the criticism surrounding it, Arkane Austin’s Redfall has a good amount of content, especially since some of the Achievements require replaying some missions and doing different things. That you need to do another playthrough for those is another nuisance entirely. However, if you’re enjoying the game and want to get everything done, here’s how to unlock all Achievements.

How to Unlock All Achievements

Skin of Their Teeth

Unlocked by completing “A Voice in the Dark” and ensuring all hostages are alive. “A Voice in the Dark” is one of three quests after “Two Birds One Stone” is completed in Redfall Commons. Go to Dead Catch Records and pick up the Shipyard Office Key. Now go to the northwest part of Redfall Commons to Samuel’s Shipyard. Enter the warehouse, and you’ll eventually reach another with three hostages. Kill the Executioner, then all the other enemies (since they’ll prioritize killing you over the hostages).

Once done, set the hostages free and go to the Shipyard Office to fight Lilith Maclean. The Achievement unlocks after getting the documents.

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Sucks To Be You

Unlocked by defeating a Siphon for the first time. Siphons can be encountered anywhere, and their main mechanic is sucking blood from mid-range. First, look for a vampire nest (like in Basswood Trailer Park) and then fight a Siphon. Stay a good amount of distance away and kill it to get this.

Heart Attack

Remember that nest in Basswood Trailer Park? Go inside to face a Nest Heart, which requires traveling to the end and destroying three connections before slaying the heart. Do that, and you’ll earn this Achievement.

Enter of Your Own Free Will

This one is even more straightforward – enter a Nest door for the first time. Vampire Nests become available after completing “Giving You Tomorrow.” All you have to do is go inside. Once again, go to Basswood, open the door, and the Achievment unlocks.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

A core premise of Redfall is securing a neighborhood, effectively wresting control away from the vampires. Unlocking this Achievement requires securing a neighborhood for the first time. To do this, go to a Safehouse, complete the Safehouse Mission, and then kill the Underboss to liberate the neighborhood.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Another easy Achievement, all you have to do is unlock a Safehouse for the first time. After meeting everyone in the fire station, you’ll get a mission to unlock a Safehouse. Travel to Sedgewick, following the map icon south and simply turn on the UV lights. You can also undertake a Safehouse Mission to get “Welcome to the Neighborhood” done.

Catch and Release

Unlocked by rescuing a civilian hostage. Completed along with “Skin of Their Teeth”, but if you don’t undertake the “A Voice in the Dark” mission, simply wander around until you find some hostages. Overton Theatre, for example, has some, and you only need to get the Freezer Key to set them free from the basement.

I Like My Stakes Rare!

Kill a vampire with a stake for the first time. Unlocked by playing through the story, that too early on, so you can’t miss it.

Wounded Whispers

Redfall has 100 Grave Locks to collect, aka the handheld recorders scattered through the world with background lore. They increase passive Psychic Residue generation and are worth collecting. This Achievement unlocks by collecting your first Grave Lock. Since you start in Sedgewick, try Addison Manor. Go to the attic and look for an area that goes further up to find it.

Blood Will Have Blood

Unlocked by collecting your first Blood Remnant, found on vampires killed. It’s also found in containers and within Vampire Nests. They provide additional benefits and perks when equipped, but you can only hold one at a time. First, complete “A Grave Situation” to unlock the Blood Remnants. Next, go to The Blackwood House in Burial Point and open the box with an Unrivaled Blood Remnant (akin to a Legendary) in the basement. But it gets even better.

You can preview the mods on the Blood Remnant without taking it out. If you don’t like them, quit to the main menu and load back in, then return to the box. The second and third affixes will reroll, and you can keep going for the best roll.

Ne Plus Ultra

Get an Unrivaled item for the first time. While this may unlock with the previous method, you can also get a sweet Unrivaled weapon. Go to the Coast Guard Station in Haven’s Lot, use a lockpick to open the jail and then go to the basement. A weapon crate can be opened and will always have an Unrivaled weapon. You can take only the gun (don’t take anything else), then go to a Safehouse, quit to the main menu and return for another Unrivaled item. Repeat this process until the weapon you want appears, or amass Unrivaled items.

Neighborhood Revitalization

It requires completing all the main missions in Redfall Commons. There are 14 missions, but beware – there’s a point of no return in the last one, “To The Other Side.” Since you don’t have to do every main mission to progress with the story, these can be easy to miss. Complete them before returning to the firehouse and traveling to the next area, Burial Point, to unlock the Achievement.


In Burial Point, you’ll get the “What’s in the Attic?” mission, which involves venturing to Pastor Powell’s house. When getting the Church Attic Key, look for a dictaphone in the room. Collect and listen to it to unlock this Achievement.

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Contingency Plans

Unlocked by completing all of the optional main missions. As noted above, there are 14 in Redfall Commons before going to Burial Point – complete all of them before doing “To The Other Side.” Burial Point is more straightforward – complete all the main missions before “The Black Sun,” which is the final boss. Once the final boss is dead, you can’t go back and complete any pending missions and must start over from the very beginning.

Block Party

Remember “Welcome to the Neighborhood”? Block Party requires repeating the process for all neighborhoods in Redfall Commons to unlock it. Go to the Safehouses in Heritage Rock, Old Town, Sedgewick, Shadetree Heights and Basswood. Take the assigned mission, kill the Underboss and the neighborhood is liberated. Ensure you do this before “To The Other Side,” which is the first point of no return.

Sic Transit Umbra

Complete all the main missions in Burial Point to unlock this. There are 12 missions, with “Black Sun” being the last. You must complete all the others before facing the final boss in “Black Sun,” so do that to get this Achievement.

Neighborhood Watch

Like Block Party, you’ll need to clear all of Burial Points’ neighborhoods for this Achievement. The are eight, and remember to finish them before “The Black Sun,” since completing that will end the game and prevent you from returning.

Scream Team

While playing in co-op, you’ll gain Trust through completing missions, which is visible in the bottom left. You must max out Trust with Layla to unlock this Achievement, so play as her and co-op with some friends. There’s no matchmaking, so you’ll need to rely on Xbox’s Looking for Group function.

Monster Hunters Club

As with Layla, you need to max out Trust with Devinder. Play in co-op as Dev to unlock this.

Blood Brother

Unlocked by maxing out Trust with Jacob.


Max out Trust with Remi to get this Achievement.

Bad Wiring

There are plenty of tripwires to deal with in Redfall, and while shooting or jumping and crouching over them is an option, this Achievement requires disabling one with a rewire kit.

Radio Silence

Kill the Hollow Man, one of the main bosses of Redfall’s campaign. After clearing three neighborhoods, go south in Redfall Commons to locate the Hollow Man’s Lair, which requires the skulls of the Underbosses slain. Once you gain access, venture inside, kill him, and this Achievement will unlock.


Like the previous Achievement, you get this for killing Bloody Tom. Once again, you must clear three neighborhoods in Burial Point and obtain three Underboss skulls. Take this to Kildere House, place them on the Altar and enter Tom’s lair. Find and kill him, and then the Achievement is yours.

Silence is Golden

Slay Miss Whisper, also found in Burial Point. Obtain three Underboss skulls through the usual neighborhood clearing, and go to Windy Stead in Founder’s Knoll. Place the skulls on the Altar and venture inside her lair. Fight and kill her to unlock this Achievement.

Good Morning

Defeat the Black Sun, who is the final boss of Redfall. Once again, be careful before fighting her, since the game will end and your save progress will reset. If you’re ready, go to the Aevum Ruins, east of the Maritime Center in Burial Point. Go to the Altar and place the skulls of the previously slain bosses, Bloody Tom, Miss Whisper and The Hollow Man. Slay the Black Sun, which involves more interaction with three specific points and fighting enemies like the Rook, to earn this Achievement.


The Rook is a powerful vampire that can appear when you trigger alarms or cause trouble for the vampires. He’s pretty tanky but, due to the AI, also pretty dumb. Jumping on a nearby car will be enough to befuddle him for an easy kill. Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about spawning the Rook to kill him for this Achievement. In “Fall Like Lightning,” the Rook will appear and must be defeated to progress.

Spit Take

The imaginatively named Death Mist is pretty common in Redfall, but it comes from a monster called – wait for it – a Death Mist Spewer. Find one and use the Portable UV Beam to petrify it. Melee to kill it and unlock this Achievement.

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Saw That Coming

Avoid the Cultist’s trap in “The Abducted Brother.” Venture to the Creelman Residence in Sedgewick while in Redfall Commons. Go to the basement and then right till you see a door. Open it and back away to not get caught in the trap and get this Achievement.

Lights Out

Unlocked by cutting the generator at the Coast Guard Station in Burial Point. Before venturing inside the actual station, look to the south part for its generator. Turn it off to get the Achievement.

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Say Goodbye, Joe

Kill Joe Creelman, who’s connected to “The Abducted Brother” mission. He’s not exactly a major antagonist or anything, but not hard to miss en route to the final boss. Before going into the Aevum Ruins to fight Black Sun, you’ll find a Siphon named Joe. Simply kill him to unlock this.

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I Spit On Your Grave

Dr Hunt wants you to place his father’s pocket watch on his mother’s grave in “A Grave Situation.” Go to the Cemetery to do so, and complete the quest. Afterwards, you’ll have the option to take the pocket watch, which unlocks this Achievement. Also, a good way to unlock the “Blood Will Have Blood” Achievement.

Avenging the Good Doctor

Unlocked by completing “A Grave Situation: Find the Doc.” Travel to the Hilltop Grave Site in Redfall Commons to look for Dr Hunt, who went off to retrieve his father’s watch. Unfortunately, his father became a vampire and killed him. Slay him and avenge Dr Hunt to get this Achievement and the Badlands shotgun.

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Friends ‘Til The End

Hit max Trust with other playable characters at once. Since this involves playing co-op and maxing out Trust by playing missions, you must find three other people to play with and do so long enough to max Trust. If you focus only on the main missions and complete them fast enough, this should unlock quickly.


Unlocked after arriving in Burial Point and destroying the Blood Tree in “Welcome to Burial Point.” You’ll need to stake three hearts feeding the tree and then kill the Heartwood Fiend. It’s essentially a Siphon, so keep your distance when fighting. Once done, the Maritime Center is established.

Fly Fisher

This Achievement involves killing an Angler, a vampire that can turn invisible and pull you close to her. You’ll find them throughout the story, but if not, fast-travel to Zengle’s Madness in Redfall Commons. Head west until you find a boat, and there will be an Angler to kill.


Kill a Shroud for the first time. Yet another special vampire, the Shroud can mess up your senses with its darkness and deal psychic damage from afar. If you haven’t killed one in the main missions, go to Overton Theatre and check the upper balcony. You can also find one in the side mission “Eclipse” in Burial Point.

You Clean It Up

Bloodbags are enemies that explode when getting too close or shooting them. Kkill one without causing it to explode to earn this Achievement. It’s easier than you’d think – point the Portable UV light and petrify it. Then smash it with a melee strike.

Throw The First Stone

Another special vampire, a Sin-Eater will run instead of fighting when first encountered. You’ll need to kill them to receive Psychic Echoes to learn more about the story and earn this Achievement. Again, you’ll find some while playing the story, but if not, a Sin-Eater is found in Aevum Clinic in Sedgewick, Redfall Commons. Go to Dr Addison’s office and use a rewire kit to bypass the door. It will appear right in front of you, so slay it quickly.


Like in Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West, the Watcher is an enemy whose main function is to detect intruders and alarm nearby enemies to your presence. They can be pretty dumb in the current iteration of the game, so killing them even if they look right at you is easy. If you don’t find one simply wandering around or playing the story, go southwest of the Safehouse in Sedgewick to the Redfall United Church. Go up to the bell-tower and you’ll see a Watcher, prime for slaying.

Faith Healer

Collect all 100 Grave Locks to receive this Achievement.

From the Shadows

In the main mission “The Key to Wellness,” you need to kill Gloria, a vampire, to unlock this Achievement. The actual mission involves going to the Twintree Wellness and Recovery Center in Burial Point and venturing through a Psychic Space. Gloria appears when you exit. If you’re doing all of the main missions, this is nigh impossible to miss.

A Cry in the Dark

Kill the Wailing Shadow. In Redfall Commons, go to the Hilltop Grave Site in Basswood and fire a flare straight up into the sky. It summons a Shroud called the Wailing Shadow, which you can slay to receive this Achievement.

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Find out what happened to the Blackwood sisters to get this Achievement. Go to Founder’s Knoll in Burial Point and venture north of the Smith Family Orchard House. You’ll find the Blackwood house next to the Windy Stead landmark and have to unlock three doors. Check the included map and go south of the house till you find a gazebo for Hester’s room key.

Then go to Haven’s Lot and check the eastern part, venturing up the hill into a cave to find the key for Agnes’ room. Finally, go to Direcliff, just north of the lighthouse in the mountain and into a cave, for Katherine’s room key. Return to the Blackwood house, and upon opening the last door, get the Basement Key, go downstairs and get the Blood Remnant to earn this Achievement.

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What Lies Below

You must unlock the Irving family mausoleum to receive this Achievement. Go to Ashumet Springs in Burial Point and then to the Burial Point Cemetery. The Irving family mausoleum is near the end, and you’ll see some bells on the back of its gate. Look for a physical bell to the left, ring it once and stop. Then ring it twice, and pause again. Ring it three more times to unlock the mausoleum. You can venture through the entrance and receive the Achievement without going to the end. But if you do, beware of Anglers and Bloodbags.

Check, Please!

This Achievement requires getting the “Table 12” Blood Remnant. “Table 12” refers to a table in Jolly’s Seaside Corner, a restaurant west of Maritime Center in Howl’s Point. Go upstairs, and you’ll find the Blood Remnant, Jolly’s Red Receipt, in a container. You’ll get the Achievement after looting it but have to kill some vampires to escape.

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Empty Nest Syndrome

Unlocked by venturing into a Vampire Nest and destroying its heart without alerting or slaying any vampires within. Vampire Nests gain more traits as the game progresses, becoming tougher and packing stuff like Watchers, Guardians etc. The best way to tackle this is by playing as Jacob and using Cloak. With other characters, it’s important to be patient and remain stealthy. Use a high-powered weapon to destroy the heart, and you should receive this Achievement.

Starve the Beast

You get this by completing the Safehouse mission “Metamorphosis” without allowing the vampire to be nourished. It can appear in two places – Sedgewick in Redfall Commons or Haven’s Lot in Burial Point. It involves stopping Bloodbags from reaching a vampire, which can be tough to do solo. If you get this Safehouse mission as your first, take some time and level up to unlock new Skills or find better weapons before going in.

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Someplace to Be

Bellwether Supply Drops are another type of side mission in Redfall, found in Shadetree Heights in Redfall Commons and Howl’s Neck in Burial Point. They involve securing a supply drop. But first, you have to go to the signal box, guarded by enemies who are sadly not open to negotiations. Active it to call the supply drops and follow the signal to their locations. You need to reach the drop site before the supply drops to get this Achievement, so run quickly in the signal’s general direction.

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Ask Not For Whom The Horns Blow

In the main mission, “Fall Like Lightning,” disable the foghorns before venturing to the Tempestas, a shipwreck, to unlock this Achievement. These are located in the Heritage Rock Lighthouse. Use a lockpick to get inside and check the wall with two bluish engines. Pull the levers, and the foghorns will be disabled.

Bloody Initiate

“One of Us” is a main mission that involves infiltrating a stronghold in Bladewell Campgrounds. All you have to do is reach the end. You can’t deviate from the objectives or shoot any enemies. Just stick to the plan.


Interestingly, “One of Us” is a mission with multiple avenues that unlock different Achievements. Sadly, the only way to get all Achievements associated with this is to play through the game multiple times or join someone else’s game with the checkpoint.

“Sepsis” unlocks by poisoning the Bellkepper’s blood offering. Get to the end, and when you reach the part where you have to fill the vessel with blood, go right. As you follow the path of the pipes, an option to contaminate the blood with gasoline will appear. Interact with it, return to filling the vessel and then proceed through the mission as normal. You’ll get the Achievement upon interacting with the vessel.

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So Anyway I Started Blasting

Perhaps the most aptly named Achieved, it’s again earned in “One of Us.” Simply shoot a Cultist to get it, though you’ll break cover and fail the infiltration.

Right This Way

After taking the mission to leave Redfall Commons, you’ll enter the Psychic Woods, which must be navigated to reach Burial Point. There’s a series of doors to go through, and one wrong turn puts you back at the beginning (made even more difficult by the doors being randomized).

To get this Achievement, you must traverse the Psychic Woods without taking a single wrong turn. First, look for a vibrating door and a woman screaming from within. After navigating two of them, you’ll reach the Reading Loft door and have to check the back of a tree for the Ghostly Key. After that, enter the Red Door, and you’ll be out.

Nice Try

This Achievement will be far more visible for some – go through the wrong door at least three times in the Psychic Woods. Once again, you’ll do this on another playthrough or with a friend who hasn’t traversed this part if you want both Achievements. To get this, ignore any vibrating doors or those where a woman screams and choose the wrong one constantly.

Harvest’s End

During the main mission, “The Festival,” which is the penultimate mission of the story, you need to kill The Harvestman. Simply go to King’s Square in Burial Point, fight the Channelers and kill The Harvestman, a Siphon. Do that to earn this Achievement.

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Blacklight Down

Another main mission with multiple Achievements tied to it based on your decisions is “What Does Bellwether Do?” Available in Burial Point, this Achievement requires turning off the PMC’s UV lights. To do this, go to Winslow Fields and look for Wight Farms Barn. It’s essentially a barn, and near it is a trailer. Climb up and look for a switch to disable the UV lights and get this Achievement.

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Rum Runner

In “What Does Bellwether Do?”, you get this Achievement by infiltrating Bellwether’s stronghold through the bootlegger tunnel. Look to the west of Wight Farms Barn, and you’ll find a covered bridge. Look for the tunnel underneath, and use it to reach Bellwether’s stronghold. Voila, the Achievement should unlock.

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Under a Bushel

In “Restore the Lighthouse,” you need to retrieve a lamp. Unfortunately, it belongs to a Shroud called The Keeper. To get this Achievement, take the lamp without running into The Keeper. First, start from the Safehouse in Haven’s Lot and check the front of the house for the open door. Wait for The Keeper to pass by on the street while keeping your distance. Check the space near the garage and turn around to get inside. A Watcher is also present, so beware.

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Enemy of My Enemy

Unlocked by freeing the vampire Trevor Ash from the UV lights in the side mission “Eclipsed” in Burial Point. Go southeast from Independence Hill until you reach the trailer camp in White Pines. Check the west side for a switch – press it, and Trevor will be set free. Don’t interact with the laptop inside the trailer, or else you’ll have to fight the Aspect of the Eclipse and other vampires.

Dexterity Save

Go to the southern part of Basswood, near the fast travel point for Supper Club, and you’ll come across a house. You must retrieve the vampire survival tips from within without setting off any tripwires. You could play as Jacob and use Cloak’s upgrade, which lets him travel through the tripwires without being detected (Dev also works, due to his Translocate teleporting him through objects). Lure any vampires outside to avoid fighting inside and setting off any tripwires. If you’re keen on doing this with Remi or Layla, check out the video below for the right path. Keep some Rewire Kits handy.

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Bob’s Final Hour

After playing the public service announcement in the side mission, “Taking Back the Airwaves,” you must kill Bob the Radio Host in the main mission, “Lost in the Fog.” First, loop the “vampire survival tips” tape prepared by Bill at the end of the side mission (which is vital to unlocking this Achievement). Then, in the main mission, look for Bob the Radio Host in the New Light Ruins in Burial Point. Kill him, and the Achievement is yours.

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Helping Hand

Complete all the side missions in Redfall Commons, of which there are five. You must do this before leaving for Burial Point “To The Other Side.” The side missions in question are:

Carpe Noctem

Started at the first Safehouse, though you’ll need to complete the first and second missions at it to complete the actual side mission.

Intermission Snack

After finishing “Two Birds One Stone,” go to the fire station’s basement and look for the popcorn machine. Interact with it to get this side mission, which requires a Popper Repair Kit in Overton Theatre (specifically the basement).

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Whiskey And Cigars

Go to the Redfall United Chuch, and look for the backroom. There’s a note that sees you venturing to Reverend Eva’s Apartment. Of course, there are vampires and other enemies. Clear them out, grab the whiskey and cigars, and return to her to complete the side mission.

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Taking Back the Air Waves

First, go to the Supper Club and head northeast. You’ll find a house – go upstairs and look for a note to trigger this side mission. See “Bob’s Final Hour” for details on completing it, since there’s an Achievement tied to it.

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The Abducted Brother

Finish “A Grave Situation” or “Giving You Tomorrow,” and then pick up either as the second mission. Talk to Joe Creelman and go to the Creelman Residence in Sedgewick to look for his brother.

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Good Samaritan

Unlocked by completing all of Burial Point’s side missions. Once again, you need to finish all of these before “Black Sun”, the final mission (though it would be safer to do so before “The Festival,” the second to last main mission). Here are all the side missions:

The Red Candle

Acquired in Maritime Center by interacting with the note “Stay Away From the Orchard.” Go to the Smith Family Orchard House in Founder’s Knoll. Pick up the candles, go inside and upstairs in the house, and place the candles. Come back when it’s nighttime and kill “The Voice in the Trees” to complete the side mission.

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Ward Family Tree

After the main mission, “Keeping Hope Alive,” go to the Maritime Center and interact with Constance Ward. You’ll need to go to the Ward General Store and save Steadfast Ward I. Slay the surrounding enemies, pick it up, return to the Maritime Center, place it among Constance’s other squirrels, and get the storage room key from her. Go to the second floor and unlock the door for a Blood Remnant to complete the mission.

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Located in Central Founder’s Knoll, you must hack a garage door and interact with “The Black Sun” journal inside to start this mission. Go to Independence Hill, use the telescope and satellite radio, and go to White Pines in Chickering. Check “Enemy of My Enemy” to save Trevor Ash and have him attack Bellwether. If you interact with the laptop first, you’ll fight the Aspect of the Eclipse and his posse.

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After getting the main mission, “One of Us,” speak to Nurse Tran in the Maritime Center. You’ll be asked to retrieve a memento of his mother, a book. Follow the marker to a house, but it’s not there. Look for a yellow house nearby and go around to a staircase that leads up to a boarded-up door. Break in, and you’ll get a new marker for a nearby bridge. Look below for the body of a Cultist, and find the book. Return to the Maritime Center and deposit to complete the mission.

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Dr Young’s Projects

After completing “Birdwatcher,” go to the Maritime Center and speak to Nurse Tran. Go to Dr Alice Young’s office in Founder’s Knoll. Enter the building and go to the second floor. Press the red button on Young’s desk to open the safe. Interact with notes to mark three houses on your map – Ellery’s house (kill the Bloodbags), Sand’s House (save Thomas and take out the cultists) and the Bollinger House (look for the shed key at the gazebo, and open it). Finish all of these, and the mission is complete.

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What Happened to Ms Wayland?

After finishing the main mission, “The Key to Wellness,” you’ll receive this side mission. Go to the Twintrees Medical Center and check the pharmacy. Open the door in the back (which requires Miss Whisper’s key) and go down. Keep going until the red door appears. Open it with the key and read the note next to the floating woman to complete this side mission.

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The Lost Unit

In Founder’s Knoll, just west of the fast-travel location in Burial Point, look for a house in Brighton Bay (on what seems to be an island). Go upstairs and look for the “Believers Beware” note to start the quest. Head to the marker and check the waterbed for three crates (with the third inside a tunnel). Go to the bridge after collecting the crates, taking care not to touch the lasers, and up the ladder to find the Bellwether Log and finish the mission.

Curious Finch

After getting the book belonging to Nurse Tran’s mother in “Birdwatcher”, open and read it to get this Achievement. Remember that “Ward Family Tree” and “Dr Young’s Projects,” need to be completed first.

Eagle Eyes

Complete “The Lost Unit” without triggering any tripwires. As with “Empty Nest Syndrome,” choose Jacob for his Cloak ability of Devinder to Translocate past the tripwires. Make sure to lure out any vampires first and kill them first.

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Redfall is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC. It’s also playable on Game Pass. Check out our review and head here for more tips and tricks. You can also read about all the Skills and our recommendations on the best ones.

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