Remedy Entertainment Reported Record Year For 2020, Has Multiple Projects In Development

This was despite not actually releasing a title in 2020.

remedy entertainment

Remedy Entertainment has been a great name in the industry with several beloved titles under their belt from Max Payne to Alan Wake to, most recently, 2019’s Control. The company also seems to be in the midst of a pretty successful run with 2020 being their strongest ever.

As reported by GamesIndustry, Remedy reported their best year ever with full-year revenues up 30%. Operating profits for 2020 were up more than double from 2019, going from €6.5 million to €13.2 million. The continued success of Control was pointed to as a key factor as it became available on more platforms. In fact, November 2020 was the best month for the game sales-wise 15 months after it first launched. Despite being a record year for the company, they did not release a single game in 2020.

The also spoke about their upcoming projects in the report. They mentioned a title called Vanguard, which is planned to be some type of co-op experience, as well as working on the campaign of CrossfireX that was, at one point, going to launch alongside the Xbox Series X/S but was delayed. They also talk about two games that are being in development in partnership with Epic Game, one a full AAA titles for consoles and PC, and the other a smaller scale title. Both of them are said to be based on Remedy’s own IPs and they will retain IP ownership.

As it stands now, the next known title coming from the company is CrossfireX for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime in 2021. It does seem the company is in a good place, and hopefully, we will see some of the other projects soon.

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