Resident Evil 7 Has Sold 11 Million Units, Resident Evil Village Stands at 6.4 Million

resident evil 7

Capcom has updated its list of Platinum Titles – which is every game by the company that has sold over a million units – and provided updated sales figures for the games mentioned. Unsurprisingly, the Resident Evil series continues to be a consistent seller for the Japanese company, with its recent entries seeing decent bumps to their lifetime sales figures.

Resident Evil 7, for instance, remains on top of the list for the series as a whole, and how sold 11 million units as of June 30, which is up from the 10.8 million it had sold as of the end of the previous quarter. The newest entry in the series, Resident Evil Village, currently stands at 6.4 million units sold, up from the previously reported 6.1 million figure. With the Winters’ Expansion coming later this year, it’s bound to see an increase in sales.

Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 3 remake has sold 5.4 million units, having sold 200,000 units over the course of the three-month period. Finally, while the Platinum Titles page lists Resident Evil 2’s remake at 9.8 million units sold, as Capcom recently announced, the game has sold 10 million units worldwide.

March 2023 will see the launch of the Resident Evil 4 remake. It should be interesting to see where that lands on this list.

Capcom has also provided updated sales figures for a number of Monster Hunter games. Read more on that through here.

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