Resident Evil 7 Has Sold 9.8 Million Copies, Resident Evil 2 Remake Hits 8.6 Million Units

resident evil 7

Capcom has updated its list of Platinum sellers (all of their games that have sold upwards of a million units), and new sales figures have, as such, been provided for a number of games. Unsurprisingly, major recent Resident Evil releases are continuing to exhibit strong legs and enjoy steady sales.

Resident Evil 7 has now sold a total of 9.8 million units, up from 9 million at last count. The game sold 800,000 units during the previous quarter, no doubt aided by the hype generated by the launch of its direct sequel, Resident Evil Village (which, incidentally, currently stands at 4.5 million units sold). Capcom said earlier this year that RE7 is still selling a million copies each year, but even so, managing 800k units in a single quarter is extremely impressive.

Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 2 remake is also continuing to sell well, currently standing at 8.6 million units sold. That’s up from 8.1 million at last count, which means the game sold half a million copies during the previous quarter. Meanwhile, the Resident Evil 3 is at 4.4 million units sold, up from 4 million at last count, having sold 400,000 units during the previous quarter.

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