Resident Evil 9 is Already in Development, Insider Says

Obviously, it’s not going to launch any time soon.

resident evil

Resident Evil has come back with a vengeance of late, and with its three releases in the space of four years, the celebrated survival horror series has essentially entered into a second golden age. The future for it looks even brighter, of course, but while it’s inevitable that there will eventually be a Resident Evil 9 at some point, you’d think that the game wouldn’t even be close to being in development right now (seeing as Resident Evil Village isn’t even out yet). Well, it seems that’s not the case.

Taking recently to Twitter known insider and habitual Resident Evil leaker AestheticGamer a.k.a. Dusk Golem stated that Resident Evil 9 is already in development. He says that the game is still quite far away from launch, and that at the very earliest, it could come out in 2024, but that it is in development. In fact, it was apparently being worked on as far back as late 2018 (at a time when several other RE games were also in the works).

It’s possible that if it is being worked on already, at this stage, Resident Evil 9 (or whatever Capcom ends up calling it) is in very early pre-production (and would have been at an even earlier stage in 2018, if it was indeed in development at that time). It’s become clear that Capcom wants to keep up a yearly cadence of Resident Evil releases (or at least as close to yearly as they can get), so it’s plausible that several upcoming mainline games in the series are simultaneously in development.

One way or another, there’s plenty of Resident Evil coming up in the future. Resident Evil Village launches this May, Resident Evil Outrage will allegedly be out within a year of that, the Resident Evil 4 remake is also in the works, while several other RE games are also planned, as per the recent massive Capcom ransomware leak.

Of course, it goes without saying, but this information should be taken with a grain of salt for now. We’ll let you know if we hear anything else, so stay tuned.

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