Resident Evil Village – 10 Things Players Dislike About the Game

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has been out for a few weeks now and, in case you missed the memo, is pretty darn good. Of course, there are some criticisms to be had, from slight nitpicks to downright annoying things. These don’t diminish the overall game’s quality but it’s still interesting to see what hardcore fans dislike. Let’s take a look at 10 things here. If you haven’t finished the game, beware of heavy story spoilers.

That Village Firefight

[embedded content]

The first really tense firefight in the village sees Ethan having to survive against numerous lycans that just keep coming. At first, it’s pretty great as you have to stay on the move, fortify your surroundings, use explosive barrels to take out packs and avoid Urias (the giant hammer-wielding lycan) until a bell rings and the assault ceases. However, it kind of just keeps going and it’s not super-clear how the entire sequence is meant to end. Do you have to collect something? Kill a certain number of lycans? Stay alive with a certain amount of ammo remaining? Different players have reported the assault stopping under different circumstances and it turns what should be an awesome homage to Resident Evil 4 into a somewhat confusing affair.

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