Resident Evil Village – Capcom Working on Patch to Address PC Performance

Resident Evil Village

Even with its critical and commercial success, Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has faced scrutiny for its PC performance. A quick peak at the Steam user reviews confirms that despite being rated “Overwhelmingly Positive” overall, many players are still suffering from stuttering and other performance issues. Fortunately, a patch is in the works for the same.

Speaking to Digital Foundry, Capcom said, “The team are working on a patch to address PC performance issues, it should be available soon – we’ll have more details shortly.” No launch date for the patch was provided but it shouldn’t take as long as, say, NieR: Automata’s PC version which is finally getting a patch four years after launch, adding Borderless window mode and fixing issues cutscenes being stretched.

Resident Evil Village is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC and Google Stadia. The developer announced at E3 2021 that DLC was in development but a release window, along with any other details, has yet to be confirmed. Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming PC patch in the meantime.

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