Resident Evil Village Director – PS5’s 3D Audio Will Be “Indispensable” In The Future For Horror Titles

Morimasa Sato is impressed with the tech as a longtime horror fan.

resident evil village

Next month will mark the next entry in the Resident Evil series with Village. The game looks to bring the spooky with a mixture of that Resident Evil signature magic that has helped it last so long. Like many horror experiences, there will be a lot going on with the sound, and one of the features for the PS5 is 3D audio. Now the game’s Director talks about how impressive he is with it.

In an interview in the latest issue of Official PlayStation Magazine (issue 187, May 2021) and transcribed by Wccftech, Morimasa Sato spoke of the 3D audio in high regard, especially in relation to horror games. He was so impressed with the 3D audio, he even sees it as something that will be a key feature that will have to be utilized for the future.

“For a game like Resident Evil Village, where exploration is a key pillar of the gameplay, I would say the 3D audio. You can already experience a taste of this in the Maiden demo: the footsteps of the castle’s residents as they go up the stairs, or the sounds of ‘something’ moving in the dark cellar… The effectiveness of the 3D audio in creating a convincing audio space has exceeded my expectations. In horror, creating the sense of a presence beyond the visual scene on screen is essential, so I think 3D audio will be indispensable in horror games from now on.”

Resident Evil Village will release for most major consoles on May 7th. You can preview the 3D audio on PS5 with the current Maiden demo, with a 2nd gameplay-based demo also set to come soon. A showcase focusing on the game is also set for April 15th, which you can read more about through here.

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