Resident Evil Village Guide – How to Solve All Puzzles

Find out all of the solutions to the village’s puzzles here.

Resident Evil Village - map

Resident Evil Village has its fair share of action and tense moments. However, it also has a number of puzzles to solve. While some may be easy, others could take a bit of work. Here’s a quick rundown of all the different puzzles and their locations.

  • Brazier puzzle (Hall of War)
  • Statue puzzle (Hall of Ablution)
  • Piano puzzle (Opera Hall)
  • Portrait and bells puzzle (Atelier Dimitrescu)
  • Labyrinth puzzle (Castle Dimitrescu)
  • Hanging brazier puzzle (Special Chambers)
  • Safe code (Village Workshop)
  • Doll puzzle (House Beneviento)
  • Music box puzzle (House Beneviento)
  • Film puzzle (House Beneviento)
  • Sealed door (House Beneviento)
  • Garden Labyrinth (en route to House Beneviento)
  • Maestro’s Collection safe code (near West Old Town)
  • Lever puzzle (Reservoir)
  • Sluice Gate puzzle (Reservoir)
  • The Reservoir Labyrinth puzzle
  • Factory Labyrinth puzzle (Heisenberg’s Factory)
  • Relief of a horse puzzle (Heisenberg’s Factory)

For solutions to all of the puzzles, check out the videos below by WoW Quests and Sipder.

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