Resident Evil Village – Leaked Collector’s Edition Map Reveals Major In-Game Locations

Spoiler warning for those who want to go into the game blind.

resident evil village

Resident Evil Village is probably one of Capcom’s most relentlessly leaked games in recent memory (to the extent that the game’s entire plot has leaked out into the wild). Now, another leak may have given us some clues as to the areas we’ll be heading to in the game when it launches in a few months. If you want to go into the game completely blind, stop reading now, because there might be mild spoilers ahead.

Resident Evil Village’s Collector’s Edition comes with a physical map showing the main setting of the game, and an image of that map has now been uploaded to Reddit (spotted by GamesRadar). Of course, we can prominently see the titular village area and Castle Dimitrescu on the map, both of which are going to be major locations in the game. 

Interestingly enough, key locations within the village can be seen on the map as well. Next to the castle, on the top right of the mill, there seems to be some sort of mill. On the top left, there’s House Beneviento. Heisenberg’s factory is on the bottom left, and from the looks of it, seems like a pretty major location in and of itself (Heisenberg, in case you’re not aware, is the mysterious man with the shades we’ve seen a few times in trailers by now). Finally, there’s Moreau’s Reservoir on the bottom right, and it seems to be connected to the factory by a sluice gate. The water body between the two areas seems to house some sort of sea monster, at least based on what the illustration in the map shows. 

Past leaks have suggested that Resident Evil Village is going to place quite a bit of emphasis on exploration, and is poised to become the longest game in the series since Resident Evil 6, so it’s not surprising to see a map this large. There also seems to be quite a bit of potential for using each of these areas to deliver very unique kinds of aesthetics and challenges, so there’s cause for excitement for sure. 

Resident Evil Village is out for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 7. A demo is currently exclusively available on PS5, while a second demo will come to all platforms this Spring.

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