Resident Evil Village Taps Into Chris Redfield’s Dark Side, Has Series’ Best Puzzles

Capcom has worked to make the puzzles fun and integrated into the world and story.

Resident Evil Village Chris Punished

Capcom’s Resident Evil Village is the cover story for Game Informer’s newest issue with heaps of new details revealed. Insider AestheticGamer has organized all the most noteworthy bits on Twitter, from the behavior of its werewolves to the village’s design itself. They also noted that the story will tap into “the dark side of Chris Redfield, a side of him that’s been there in the past, but it’s gotten worse.”

Obviously his role is still a mystery but considering that Chris broke into Ethan’s home, shot Mia and kidnapped their daughter, there’s clearly more going on than meets the eye. Perhaps it relates to Mother Miranda, the figurehead that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters report to. In terms of puzzles, the developer considers Resident Evil Village to have the best in any RE title.

It worked to ensure that the puzzles were fun, integrated into the world and story, and neither too easy nor too hard. “To not feel random or just a puzzle for sake of a logic puzzle, but be characteristic & interesting,” notes AestheticGamer. We’ll likely get a chance to find out first-hand – Capcom is hosting another Resident Evil Showcase tomorrow and could deploy its second demo.

Unlike the Maiden demo for PS5, the new demo is taken from the final game and should provide more substantial gameplay. Expect a new trailer and gameplay for Resident Evil Village tomorrow regardless. The title is out on May 7th for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Google Stadia and PC.

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