Resident Evil Village – The Mercenaries Additional Orders Features 20 “Distinct Unlockables”

resident evil village

While October is full of big releases, it also sees the launch of the Winters’ Expansion for Resident Evil Village. It includes the long-awaited story DLC, Shadows of Rose. However, fans can also look forward to Third-Person Mode and The Mercenaries Additional Orders.

The latter adds three new characters into the score attack mode – Lady Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, and Chris Redfield. Each has unique abilities and play styles. Perhaps more interesting, however, is that they can seemingly unlock new abilities. Speaking to Polygon, game director Kento Kinoshita revealed that all three new characters can buy items and weapon upgrades from The Duke.

“Unlike Ethan, they aren’t able to purchase weapons, but they can acquire abilities, which makes playing even the same character feel new depending on what you’ve obtained,” said Kinoshita. He also confirmed the addition of 20 distinct unlockables, “including new stages and abilities, while also adjusting the difficulty and frequency of these so there would be no loss in motivation when continuing to play.

“The LZ Answerer could be quite difficult to unlock in the original game, but with The Mercenaries Additional Orders, it’s possible to obtain it while using the newly added characters. If you weren’t able to unlock it before, why not give it another try?”

Of course, how these will affect each character’s play style remains to be seen. The Winters’ Expansion arrives on October 28th, along with Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. An accessibility update, which features settings for subtitle size and closed captions, will also go live for all players. For more details on the expansion, head here.

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