Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars FPS Could Feature Multiplayer, as Per Job Listing

Star Wars - Respawn

Almost exactly a year ago, EA, Lucasfilm Games, and Respawn Entertainment announced that they were extending their Star Wars partnership, with three new Star Wars games confirmed to be in development at Respawn. One of those is, of course, the upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, but details on the other two have been scant so far. Now, however, it seems like brief new information may have emerged.

As reported by Insider Gaming, Respawn Entertainment has a job listing up on its website for the position of Senior Gameplay Software Engineer for the team that is working on the unannounced Star Wars first person shooter. Interestingly, it seems like the game could also feature multiplayer, with the “desired qualifications” section of the listing having mentioned prior experience with multiplayer games- though that particular point has since been removed from the job ad.

When the shooter was confirmed to be in development, game director Peter Hirschmann described it as “a story [he has] always wanted to tell”, leading to speculation that it could be a single player narrative-driven experience. Whether or not multiplayer would be included wasn’t mentioned at the time- though of course, given the fact that the game itself hasn’t yet been formally unveiled either, it goes without saying that there’s plenty about it that we don’t yet know.

Meanwhile, Respawn Entertainment is also assisting Bit Reactor on a new Star Wars strategy title.

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