Returnal Uses DualSense Adaptive Triggers to Switch Firing Modes

It also has “near-instant” load speeds along with supporting haptic feedback and Tempest 3D AudioTech.


Sony has updated its official PlayStation website with new details on Housemarque’s Returnal. Announced as a PS5 exclusive back in June, the roguelike third-person shooter takes advantage of the console’s hardware in a number of ways. First and most obvious is the “near-instant” load speeds thanks to the SSD.

This works especially well for a roguelike since players can jump right back into the action after dying. The DualSense’s adaptive triggers are also used to switch between firing modes. One trigger can be used to go from aiming down sights to alternate fire and vice versa. There’s also haptic feedback support that will react when viewing memory fragments or firing weapons, each action providing a different reactions.

Finally, Tempest 3D AudioTech is being utilized to help give players a better idea of surrounding threats. You’ll hear enemies overhead, creeping enemies and even bullets moving past. It certainly adds a visceral sense of immersion to the combat. Returnal doesn’t currently have a release date but a LinkedIn profile recently indicated a 2021 launch.

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