Returnal’s Story is “Mysterious and Haunting”, Asks “a Lot of Questions”

Game director Harry Krueger talks about the upcoming roguelike’s approach to storytelling.


It’s not often that a game with a roguelike structure manages to excel when it comes to storytelling as well. The recent Hades was a notable exception, and it’s looking like Housemarque are looking to strike that same balance with their upcoming Returnal as well. What’s exciting about Returnal, however, is how it’s using its horror elements and its fascinating setting to tell that story.

Speaking recently in an interview with Mobile Syrup, game director Harry Krueger spoke about the same, remarking that with the upcoming shooter, Housemarque have tried to create a constant air of mystery. According to Kreuger, the layered nature of the narrative and the abundance of questions it will ask of its players will contribute even more significantly to the game’s replay value.

“With Returnal, we wanted to create a story that asks you a lot of questions, and, as I said, is mysterious and haunting,” Kreuger said. “So in that sense, after you’ve finished the game, ideally, you’re left with questions, and you’re left with wanting to replay the game, re-examine the audio logs, re-listen to things that you discover, look into the story of the alien civilization, and really try to decipher the mystery of what Returnal is. It’s been a really exciting project to be a part of, and really great to establish how Housemarque tells stories as well.”

Returnal launches exclusively for the PS5 on April 30.

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