Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void – New Gameplay Showcases Void Fiend in The Simulacrum

Risk of Rain 2 - Survivors of the Void_03

Risk of Rain 2’s first paid DLC Survivors of the Void arrives next week and includes new items, stages, enemies and more. It also adds two new playable Survivors – the Railgunner and Void Fiend – along with The Simulacrum, a new wave-based mode. IGN recently shared 15 minutes of gameplay from the latter, showcasing the Void Fiend’s moveset. Check it out below.

The Simulacrum is essentially endless with enemies gaining stronger as time goes on. The main objective is to survive though random mutators can come up in some waves. You may also have random Artifacts triggering for a round. Once a wave is complete, you can choose from three items and proceed on. A nice touch is that the safe zone where players fight in will move, thus allowing you to grab items from crates that were previously outside.

The Void Fiend is also interesting in this mode since Trespass provides a good means of damage avoidance while Flood and Void Corruption can do work on enemies clumped together. Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void will be coming to PC first on March 1st, followed by other platforms later. Stay tuned for more details on the same in the coming weeks.

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