Risk of Rain 2 Will Receive One More Free Content Update, Paid Expansions Planned

These expansions will have contain equivalent to multiple content updates in one package.

risk of rain 2

Hopoo Games’ Risk of Rain 2 left early access last month, graduating to its 1.0 state and garnering strong critical praise. The roguelite shooter has been successful since its first entered early access but what does the developer have planned yet? In a new Steam post, the developer outlined plans to release one more free content update.

This update is special because it will feature the internal content that had to be cut during development. “We’re incredibly passionate about the game, and there’s so much we wanted to do during Early Access that we haven’t had the time to do yet. Our goal for this content update is to complete internal content we had to cut, and to do another pass on feedback from players. We have no timeline or release date on this update, and will most likely look a bit different than the other updates we’ve had during Early Access. Please let us know if there’s something you’d want to be included in this update.”

More development team members will be hired in the meantime. Hopoo has more ambitious plans for Risk of Rain 2’s future after that though. It’s looking to developer paid expansions that would release “only 1-2 times a year” and feature content that’s “multiple content updates in size”. The current plan is to have a theme for each expansion and build content around that.

The reason for selling paid expansions is simple – Hopoo wants to hire more developers and this will pay for those costs along with the cost of console porting. It also feels that “A large expansion pack will be much more likely to engage players back into Risk of Rain 2. The reality is that Risk of Rain 2 is competing with every other game on the planet for your time and focus – and as the game ages, and new cool games come out, we want to make sure that if we’re compelling you to come back to Risk of Rain 2, it’s with something more exciting than 1 new survivor and 8 new items.”

Players can still expect bug fixes, balance changes and quality of life features to be free patches though. The developer is also looking to have some form of modding support, though it’s still trying to figure out the “exact shape” of it. Stay tuned for more updates in the meantime – Risk of Rain 2 is here for the long haul.

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