Rocket League to Get a New Event Called Neon Nights on January 26

Rocket League players will soon be getting more things to do in-game, courtesy of an upcoming event. Called “Neon Nights”, the event will let players unlock a variety of new in-game cosmetics. Players, however, have to be swift, as the event will only be available from January 26 to February 8.

The theme that this event will follow is GRIMES- the electro pop artist who has collaborated with the developers of the game, Psyonix. Hence, all the unlockables in the event will be themed around the artist, which includes “Shinigami Eyes”, “Player of Games” player anthem, GRIMES themed items like toppers, and more.

Along with this event, the heatseeker ricochet mode will be returning, which will let players hit the ball with accuracy towards the opponent team’s goal, and each time a hit on the ball happens without a goal, the speed of the same significantly increases.

Apart from the above, players can also earn Golden Moons for the duration of the event, which can be exchanged for items from the Impact, Nitro, and Overdrive item series.

Hopefully, this will provide more incentives for new and existing players to try out an already great game.

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