Roller Champions Gets New Liberty Arena Map as Part of its Disco Fever Season

roller champions

As part of its inaugural season for free-to-play multiplayer game Roller Champions, Ubisoft has now released the Liberty Arena map, and in keeping with its Disco Fever aesthetics for the season, it’s a skating rink. Check out the trailer below.

Earlier when the season first launched, Roller Champions got a similarly themed sunnier skating rink called Venice Beach Park. The season also includes quality-of-life, and the Arena 8 game mode. The kick off for the season coincided with the Nintendo Switch release of the game.

Roller Champions is a 3-on-3 sports game on the PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch. Set in 2032, Roller Champions features matches where players compete for possession of a ball. Players must skate a full lap around the arena and take a shot at the goal to get a point.

Roller Champions was originally released back in May. Its Disco Fever season brought along a battle pass alongside the new maps.

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