Rollerdrome Launch Pricing and PlayStation Plus Premium Game Trial Announced, New Dev Video Released


Roll7 has released its first Dev Video for Rollerdrome, the upcoming third-person shooter that combines sleek roller-skating with stylish gunplay. Studio creative director John Ribbins and senior 3D level designer Jacob Mills talk about the overall flow of the game and its level design.

Rollerdrome is a “skating game where you’re not just skating” and a “shooting game where you’re not just shooting.” Essentially, players skate around and shoot at various enemies, from regular humans to mechanical walkers firing explosives. Executing tricks refills your ammo while slaying foes refills health.

In terms of level design, it was about not having any dead ends or corners that the player could get stuck on. There’s always something to go up or jump up that will bring you back to combat. All in all, Roll7 wants to give free rein to players to see the kind of creativity and flair they can come up with.

Rollerdrome is out on August 16th for PS4, PS5 and PC. It will retail for $19.79 on Steam and for PlayStation Plus members at launch (presumably for a limited time). Everyone else on PS4 and PS5 can pick it up for $29.99 There will also be a game trial for PlayStation Plus Premium members to play at release.

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