Rust: Console Edition Receives Patch 1.31, Fixes Various Bugs


With Facepunch-developed Rust receiving its March update on PC last week, its console counterpart, which is taken care of by Double Eleven, is also not forgotten about. While the game on console received its Offshore Blowout update last month, Double Eleven has now released another new update for the game, focusing more on fixing some of the leftover issues.

The new update, patch 1.31, is live now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and aims to fix certain issues in the game, such as fixing crashes that occur when moving items up the crafting queue and attack helicopters randomly disappearing mid-combat. Problems with crashes that happened when a banned player tries to join a friend on a server have also been addressed, so players have one less thing to worry about.

The patch notes are fairly brief. You can read the full notes over on the game’s official website, or find them in their entirety below.



  • Fixed a crash when moving items up the crafting queue
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when accessing the Locker while offline
  • Fixed a crash when banned players try to join a friend on a server
  • Fixed Heavy Scientists getting stuck above the Oil Rig helipad after the Chinook drops them off
  • Fixed players being able to shoot through trees with 5.56 rifle ammo
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the attack helicopter to disappear when in combat
  • Fixed respawned trees sometimes getting harvested in one hit
  • Texture updates for the Oil Rig monuments

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