S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 Gets In-Engine Gameplay Teaser

A brief snippet of the game for your consideration.


While technically the game was announced quite some time ago, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 surprised many by showing up earlier this year at a Xbox showcase. We still know very little about the game, only that it will be on the Xbox Series consoles now and what it’s aiming to accomplish there, but we did get a very brief tease of what to expect in-engine.

A small teaser was released from the developer today called “Skif.” It’s less than a minute, and mostly is an in-engine segment of a player running through what appears to be an abandoned area of The Zone. There’s various effects on display, such as changing weather. You can see the whole thing below.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 has no set date, and it’s been said recently not to expect the game in 2021, so it’s still quite a ways out, meaning we probably won’t be seeing anything major from it for a good while. Right now we just know it’ll launch for Xbox Series X/S and PC at some point in the future.

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