Saints Row Developer Volition is Being Shifted from Deep Silver to Gearbox

saints row

Its fair to say that the Saints Row reboot fell far below expectations not only for season fans, but also for developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver. Even though the game had crossed over a million players a little over a month ago, Deep Silver’s parent company Embracer Group had made it clear that the open world title had fallen short of expectations.

Now, there’s been some more interesting developments behind the scenes where the game’s developer is concerned. Embracer Group has announced that Volition, which has been operating under the Deep Silver umbrella, is being shifted over to new management, and will operate under the Gearbox Entertainment umbrella going forward. The same is being done to “ensure future success” at Volition- and, interestingly enough, Embracer Group says that similar studio transitions might happen in the future.

“The reception of Saints Row did not meet the full expectations and left the fanbase partially polarized,” Embracer Group writes. “The game development studio, Volition, has been working hard to improve the player experience.

“Financially, Saints Row has performed in line with management expectations in the quarter. Going forward, Volition will transition to become part of Gearbox which has all the tools, including an experienced management team in the US, to create future success at Volition. This is the first internal group transfer where we transfer a major studio between operative groups, but it is not necessarily the last.”

Volition recently released a significant new update for Saints Row, adding over 200 fixes to the game. Read more on that through here.

Saints Row is available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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