Saints Row Trailer Shows Gameplay; Details the Setting, Characters, Factions, and More

saints row

Volition and Deep Silver took the stage at Gamescom Opening Night Live a couple of days ago and officially lifted the lid on the Saints Row reboot, and though quite a lot of details have emerged about the game since then, fans only got to see a CG announce trailer rather than something with actual gameplay footage.

Publisher Deep Silver has now rectified that and released a new trailer for the upcoming reboot, which shows various snippets of gameplay, while also providing several new details on the game itself. Saints Row is set in the new city of Santo Ileso, inspired by the American Southwest, and the trailer takes a deep dive into its design, variety, various districts, and more.

New details are also provided on the four primary characters of the game (which includes the protagonist, of course), as well as the three main ruling criminal factions that you’ll be taking on across all of Santo Ileso. The developers also touch on the customization options and sandbox activities, emphasizing that though the reboot takes a more grounded approach than some other recent Saints Row games, there’s still plenty of opportunities for players to mess about in the open world for some chaotic, over-the-top fun. Check out the video below.

Saints Row launches on February 25 next year for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC (as an Epic Games Store exclusive). Its Gold and Platinum Editions have also been revealed- read more on that through here.

We had the chance to attend a virtual media reveal event for Saints Row, where we got to see plenty of gameplay and learned quite a bit about the game, its structure, and primary mechanics. You can get all of those details through here.

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