Scarlet Nexus – Psychokinetic Attacks, Brain Messages and More Detailed

Interact with teammates and gift items to increase their bond level.

Scarlet Nexus_08

After releasing the opening animation for Scarlet Nexus recently, Bandai Namco has some new details on Psychokinesis and how it works in combat. Chaining together psychokinetic attacks and weapon hits is key but there’s actually a benefit for doing so as well. Psychokinetic attack power increases as the combo grows, dealing more damage when using these abilities.

While we’ve seen environmental objects that can be thrown or slammed into enemies with Psychokinesis, certain objects can cause an additional attack when striking a foe. So one strategy seems to be building up one’s combo and then slamming foes with Psychokinetic Objects to deal massive damage. We’ve seen the Struggle Arms System or SAS in action but one can also bond with their teammates.

Bonding with a character will increase the bond level and SAS Connection ability, providing more benefits in battle. There are also “Brain Messages” which serve as email and conversing with characters will unlock different episodes which can further deepen a bond. Certain items can also be gifted to develop a bond, which a character will keep in their own space.

Scarlet Nexus is out on June 25th worldwide and will be coming to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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