Sea of Thieves Cinematic Trailer Highlights Upcoming Adventure, “The Shrouded Deep”

sea of thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has been growing exponentially over the years, with the game receiving new content at a regular clip to keep its player base engaged, with the developers planning to add in more content throughout this year as well, as previously announced.

With the first time-limited adventure “Shrouded Islands” wrapped up, the game is gearing up to introduce its next time-limited adventure called “The Shrouded Deep.” The next adventure is slated to start on April 21 and will go on till May 12, giving players plenty of time to explore the new offerings.

Rare also released a new cinematic trailer for the event, which gives a quick backdrop on the storyline, and by the looks of if, players will be traveling the seas to find and summon the Shrouded Ghost. Check it out below. 

Sea of Thieves is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. 

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