Shadow Warrior 3 Receives One Final, Action-Packed Trailer

shadow warrior 3

Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 3 releases on March 1st, offering up another adventure for Lo Wang to slice and dice through. Following the announcement of its day one launch on PlayStation Now, Devolver Digital has released a “final” trailer. As you’d expect, it’s full of bloody violence. Check it out below.

Picking up after the events of Shadow Warrior 2, the sequel sees Lo Wang teaming up with Zilla to defeat a mythical dragon. This means embarking on a crazy adventure, slaying hundreds of yokai along the way. Along with his katana, Wang is armed with a revolver, dual SMGs, grenade launcher and other weapons, with each being upgradeable.

But that’s not all – he’ll also take advantage of a new grappling hook and movement system with wall-running to progress through levels. Enemies can also be executed and provide new Gore Weapons with different weapons, increasing the range of combat options significantly. Shadow Warrior 3 will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC at launch so stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

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