Shadow Warrior 3 Sneak Peeks Coming Next Week

Brief clip teases some new gameplay.

shadow warrior 3

It’s been a while since Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog offered any updates on Shadow Warrior 3. Fortunately, we won’t have to wait till E3 2021 for potential news. As per the game’s official Twitter, new sneak peeks are coming next week courtesy of IGN. A short video clip is also attached which could be a tease for new gameplay footage.

Picking up after Shadow Warrior 2, Lo Wang and Orochi Zilla return in pursuit of a dragon. Unlike its predecessor, Shadow Warrior 3’s levels are all hand-crafted and Wang has some new movement tools, like the grappling hook and wall-running, to aid him. There’s also a sick new execution system where one can acquire a defeat enemy’s ability.

So along with multitudes of weapons, battles turn into strategic affairs of deciding which enemy’s ability is most effective in the current situation and then slaying them for it. Shadow Warrior 3 is scheduled to release this year on PC. Expect details and announcements on other platforms in the coming days.

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