Shadow Warrior 3 Trailer Showcases Various Weapons and Killer Upgrades

Get a closer look at the Outlaw, Sidekicks and more.

shadow warrior 3

A new trailer is available for Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior 3 courtesy of IGN First, focusing on the various weapons that Lo Wang will wield on his journey. Though we’ve seen bits and pieces of each in previous trailers, different upgrades are also showcased. Check it out below.

The grenade launcher is called the Crimson Bull and requires reloading after each shot. The upgrade “Sucker Punch” allows shots to home in on a single foe. The Outlaw is Wang’s trusty six shooter and it can be upgraded to set foes on fire. Alternatively, choose the “Poppin’ Heads” upgrade and enemies will explode on headshot, which deals damage to other enemies.

The Sidekicks are dual SMGs which can be upgrade to paralyze foes on hit, making them good crowd-control options. Then there’s the Dragontail, a katana that slices and dices (no upgrade was showcased but it’s likely being kept under wraps). Shadow Warrior 3 is slated to release this year and will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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