Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One – M for Mystery DLC is Now Available

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One_10

M for Mystery, Frogwares’ final DLC for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, is now available for all platforms. All that’s required is completing the combat tutorial case and the quest should start. As for the story, it involves a spy that’s managed to steal some important documents, outplaying Mycroft’s agent in the process.

As a result, Sherlock steps up to the plate. The only thing that’s really known about this spy is that they go by the name “M.” Now which one of Holmes’ biggest nemeses could possibly have a name starting with M? M for Mystery can be purchased for $10 standalone and is included with the $25 Season Pass.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is currently available for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. The Xbox One and PS4 versions are slated to release in Q1 2022. Stay tuned for more details and check out our official review for the base game here.

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