Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One’s Xbox One Version Has Been Delayed, PS4 Version Out April 28th

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One_11

Developer Frogwares’ latest Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One was released to lukewarm critical reception last year. The game’s last-gen console versions were set to launch in Q1 of this year, but with the developer not having given much updates on that front in some time, there have been some questions about when those versions are expected. Now, Frogwares has provided an update, announcing a launch date for the PS4 version, but, unfortunately, delaying the Xbox One version indefinitely.

In a recent statement shared via Twitter, Kyiv-based Frogwares explained that the team tried to squeeze out as much performance as possible from the last-gen consoles, but the production has been severely affected by the political situation in Ukraine, which is still under attack from invading Russian forces. As a result, the Xbox One version has been postponed indefinitely in favor of diverting all focus to the game’s PS4 version which will be releasing on April 28th.

Fans who pre-ordered the game on Xbox One will be entitled to full refunds for the same by canceling the order. Keeping the current situation in mind, it seems highly unlikely that the game’s Xbox One version will restart development anytime soon.

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