Shin Megami Tensei 5 Update Adds FoV Adjustment Options

shin megami tensei 5

Atlus released its long-awaited RPG Shin Megami Tensei 5 for the Switch less than a month ago, and even though not a lot of time has gone by since the game cam out, Atlus has been pushing out some updates for it. Following last week’s patch, a new update is here as well, and though not particularly meaty, it does add some handy features.

The most notable of these is the addition of options that allow players to adjust their field of view across a total of eleven options. These can only be done during exploration though, so keep that in mind. Meanwhile, Atlus has also added screen brightness adjusments, once again with eleven options being available to players. Meanwhile, there are also fixes for bugs (one in Demon King’s Castle is specifically mentioned), along with “other minor fixes.

You can check out the update notes below for more details- though honestly, there really isn’t much else to explain here.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 is available exclusively on Nintendo Switch, though there’s a chance that it ends up heading to PC and PS4 as well. Read more on that through here.


Adds Optional features:

  • Option to adjust the field of view during exploration: 11 levels (MIN: default, MEDIUM, MAX, and more)
  • Option to adjust screen brightness: 11 levels (MIN, MEDIUM: default, MAX, and more)
  • You can adjust the brightness to suit your playing environment as well as your own preferences. Please note that the screen may become too bright in certain areas, or when using certain skills, with the MAX setting.
  • Reduces the number of gimmicks for successive jumps after the leyline in Demon King’s Castle: 3rd Stratum
  • Other minor fixes

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