Shovel Knight: King Of Cards, Showdown, And Treasure Trove’s Physical Edition Will Release In December

Shovel Knight Showdown

If you had any doubt that Shovel Knight was a bona fide sensation, today should have dispelled any of that. Not only did a full-fledged spin-off get announced in the form of Shovel Knight Dig, but a host of previously announced content got release windows, including the much anticipated physical release of  Treasure Trove.

First up, the last free expansion to the series, King of Cards, will come in December. It will bring 4 new worlds and 30 new courses as you play King Knight to see if he’s ready for the responsibility of ruling the kingdom. It will be available to all current owners of the game across all the many, many platforms the game is on.

Next up is Shovel Knight Showdown, a multiplayer fighter featuring characters from the series. In it you will have to scramble after gems to win, but there’s also a story mode to dig into. It will also come in December for all the same platforms as King of Cards, with the exception of 3DS and Vita.

And finally, rounding out the news, the physical edition of Treasure Trove will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, also in December. It will include Shovel Knight and all of its expansions, along with Showdown. The physical release will also come with a free update with some minor tweaks that you can read all about through here.

All this content will come in December and will mark the end of the update schedule for the indie title. Talk about a run. You can also check out two new trailers for King of Cards and Showdown below.

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