Sifu Developer Teases “Big Announcement” For Next Week


One of the most interesting games to be unveiled last year was Sifu. The game is a martial arts-inspired affair that sees you take on the role of a young fighter seeking revenge. The combat in the game looks tight with lots of fist and kick throwing, and uses a unique aging mechanic that sees your character slowly age with each death, which you can read more about through here. Alas, it was not to be for 2021, and suffered a minor delay to the early days of 2022. Now it seems they have something else to announce soon.

On the official Twitter, the developer is teasing something exciting next week. Unfortunately, as you can see below, that is about all we have outside a neat clip showing off a fight with multiple enemies. The game is coming out at a very crowded time period next year leading to speculation of a potential delay, but it’s doubtful a delay would be “exciting” for most people, but I guess only time will tell. We’ll let you know when the news comes next week.

Currently, Sifu is set to launch on February 22nd for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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