Sifu Receives New Trailer to Celebrate Launch


SloClap’s Sifu has been one of the more anticipated games in 2022’s early goings, with its kung fu brawler combat and unique aging mechanics promising a beat ’em up that offers something unique and fresh. The game has launched now, and to celebrate its release, the developer has put out a launch trailer. Check it out below.

Sifu tells a classic revenge story, but the biggest hook of the game is, of course, the crunchy kung fu combat, which promises mechanical depth and tight feedback, especially with environmental elements thrown into proceedings.

Another major feature is the aging, with your character aging up each time you die. As you age up, your attacks get stronger, but your health gets lower, and with the ultimate task of beating the game before you’ve aged up to the maximum limit, Sifu encourages players to run through its challenging levels again and again in an effort to improve and achieve better runs.

Sifu is out now for PS5, PS4, and PC. You can check out our review of the game through here, or learn more about it in our recent interview with SloClap’s marketing manager Félix Garczynski.

Meanwhile, SloClap has also confirmed that free additional post-launch content for Sifu is already in the works- read more on that through here.

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