Sifu Will Require “a Couple Runs” to Fully Uncover All Secrets, Developer Says


Sifu caught many people’s eye the moment it was first debuted, and SloClap’s upcoming kung fu brawler has looked more and more impressive as more has been shown of the game, with everything from its punchy combat to its unique ageing mechanics generating a fair amount of buzz. The developer has also been sharing more details on the game of late, and there are a couple more interesting ones here.

Speaking in an interview with MP1st, when asked about the game’s average length, executive producer Pierre Tarno said that play time will vary depending on how players are at the game- which is a pretty vague answer, if I’m being honest. That said, Tarno also revealed that there will be hidden secrets in the game that will promote replay value, since players will have to go through the game a couple of times to “fully understand” them.

“The campaign length will vary depending on the Kung Fu skills of the player,” Tarno said. “In terms of replay value, there are a couple of hidden secrets inside the game that might take a couple runs for players to fully understand.”

SloClap recently brought the release date of Sifu forward by a couple of weeks, and the action title is now set to launch for PS5, PS4, and PC on February 8, 2022. Meanwhile, you can expect more gameplay and details to arrive with new hands-on previews in December.

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