Skate Playtest Footage Leaks, Showcases Tricks, On-Foot Gameplay, and More


Full Circle’s Skate, the long-awaited sequel to the pro skating series, is currently in playtesting and several details have been leaked thus far. The map, controls and customization along with a potential release in Halloween 2022/2023 – due to the presence of decorations for the same – have been revealed. But for those who want gameplay, Reddit’s Parzalai has you covered.

The videos are viewable through Google Drive and showcase the introduction, some on-foot gameplay, tricks like Rollie-Pollies, and so on. The user notes that the essence of Skate is still intact, though it needs a lot of work due bugged settings and crashes (the latter possibly due to the build being cracked). Nevertheless, the animations are cited as being “pristine” with on-foot gameplay also feeling a lot better.

The current state of the pre-alpha could be taken as further proof that Skate is a long way off from release. Impressions have been positive as whole though so we’ll see how it progresses in the coming months. It’s currently in development for PC.

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