Skater XL Adds New Industrial Zone Map

skater xl

Easy Day Studios’ skateboarding game Skater XL might not have grabbed headlines the way other heavyweights in the genre have recently done, but the game’s kept chugging along since its full launch in 2020 (and even before that if you count its early access period), and with new content being regularly brought to it, that player base has kept coming back.

Another new map has been added to the game as well. Called Industrial Zone, the map is described as being “full of shipping bays, loading docks, and heavy-duty equipment.” The map also has both day and night versions, with each of them featuring “dramatic lighting effects.” Another new feature that’s been introduced is the ability to customize maps by being able to move select objects like forklifts, barriers, and construction materials. You can get more details in the trailer below.

Skater XL is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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